Condition of goods

The condition will be extremely well described. Cracks, chips, hairlines etc will be described. The items are sold as is, no returns accepted. We intend not to be the most inexpensive site on the web, mid to high – with proper item descriptions.

Please see the Mrs Ebay references for selling (which has been almost non existing for the past 15 years).

Link to Ebay (SemiOld): lkdsfjdsjfldsj

Business hours

There is no store to visit, only lots of things in boxes at our place. We travel from time to time (silverbacks) and will during absences not offer any shipping, nor accept payment – but will keep in touch if contacting us. You can in such cases reserve an item of interest. We tend to your orders once back and pick up the conversation by mail when returning from fishing, camping, skiing, sunbathing, “grandchilding” etc.


  • EU bank transfer
  • Swish (Swedish domestic bank transfer)
  • Transferwise (debit or credit card or bank transfer)
  • PayPal (small additional fee for crossborder payments).


We are a little rusty on (best) shipping terms – but a master in packing, but we’ll catch up. One item broken in 2002-2005 when active last (a lamp attached to a teak mirror, shipped to Japan).